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Expand Your Marketing – An MLMers Keys to Success in 2010 and Beyond!

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The most eye opening fact of MLM is that most reps stop working. I know that doesn’t sound profound or insightful but when you consider the “WHY’s” behind this statement, some interesting truths begin to unfold. Taking into account that the great majority of reps fail, MISERABLY, I would feel compelled to look into the real reasons for this.



If the only marketing strategy you are encouraged to use starts with a list of friends and family, you are on your way to becoming a sad statistic. The biggest lie you’ve ever heard as an MLM rep is that the best way to build your business is via warm contacts or the “The 3 foot rule”. If there is any merit to this, it’s usually because someone sponsored a rare individual- a great sales person.. But somewhere in the organization someone knows and is putting into practice something that the average rep is not aware of. Until a short time ago, those concepts remained a secret due to cost ineffectiveness and laborious marketing techniques- not teachable to the masses. Imagine your organization is thousands deep. If all your reps, in a months time, sponsored ONE person, you have had an amazing month. Do you see why your wealthiest reps are OK with a lot of you doing a little?


The way MLMers market outside of the warm market, is always changing. A Direct Response Strategy in Network Marketing is a way of gathering leads, customers and recruits using traditional advertising methods – radio spots, newspaper ads, flyers, mailers, internet exposure, etc. Of all the traditional methods of advertising, the internet is by far the most effective. It’s economical and allows a wide range of potential clients. Most of all it is targeted. Most leverage in Network Marketing is created through a well designed Direct Response Campaign.


Stage Three happens when people are ready to join you without any convincing or extra effort from you! In other words, you become the hunted instead of the hunter! Imagine if you had 2,3,4 or 5 people call you everyday asking “How can I join your team?” There are many thousands of people from hundreds of organizations who have taken their businesses to the next level using Attraction Marketing principles. Being a relatively new concept Phase Three is creating an Important Paradigm Shift in the way people approach their MLMs. Phase 3 is where my mentors and I are focused on and it is our goal to help others do the same. If you’re a serious MLMer, Attraction Marketing should be a part of your business arsenal.


Phase four happens when YOU NEVER HAVE TO RECRUIT ANOTHER PERSON. Your business is on auto pilot with so many strong leaders that you never have to recruit a single rep again. Once again, the key to getting to phase four quickly is with a convincing internet presence via a well designed Attraction Marketing system. Your job is now about helping those who have proven themselves as leaders. At this point, you have created a true, lasting passive stream of money!

Isn’t this the dream of every Network Marketer? I believe it is. I don’t think that most of are in business to make “JOB” money. It’s the Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow. It’s about spending more time doing what YOU want. It’s about helping people you love. Success has never been more possible in Network Marketing. Seeking a Fundamentally reliable Attraction Marketing System is the Key. So, if you are a Network Marketer with big dreams I hope to see you and add value to you and you’re business on your path to success.

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7 Ways to Avoid Costly Marketing Mistakes!

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Are you doing the “spray and pray” method of marketing? Is your business suffering from the lack of a marketing strategy? The seven points below will have you on the road to getting your ideal clients and having a marketing plan that works for you.

Do you “Spray and Pray?” You know what I mean. Maybe you pump out an email blast to get people to sign up for your program, then create a flyer you are leaving around town, then go to a few networking events to generate some buzz….then you pray like heck that someone shows up!

What’s the problem with that? Well, for starters, if you are scattered and jumping all around with different marketing pieces, you have no idea what did or didn’t work. Remember the old days when Chrysler rolled out about three new cars a year? The whole town came out, there was a parade and it was a BIG DEAL!

Fast forward about 50 years and now we are slammed with information, new ideas/products, and constant stimulation. It’s been said that we are blasted with over three thousand marketing messages a day. So while six years ago having the newsletter you sent out was a great idea and got lots of visibility, there is now so much competing for the ‘brain space’ of your market, that very often just doing a single mailing or marketing piece will fall on deaf ears.

You may have heard it said that it takes seven to nine exposures before someone says, “Hey…maybe I’ll give him a call.” This means that one email blast is not a marketing campaign!

The antidote to “Spray and Pray” is the Plan and Persevere Method:

1. Be in it for the long haul. Marketing isn’t a one shot deal. All your content and effort is tied into everything else and builds on the relationships you are potentially creating with your market. Come up with a marketing plan so each piece you do is connected to the rest of it. This is the biggest mistake I see my clients make. At the beginning, you need to strategize and then follow the plan. If you give up after one or two marketing activities, you could be stopping just before you are going to strike gold. A good marketing plan should be attached to your calendar so you know what activities you are doing each month to attract your ideal clients and retain existing ones.

2. Don’t be invisible. In order to capture the attention of prospective clients, you need to get creative. Both direct and indirect marketing methods need to be included. Most people will rely on only one or the other. A common mistake I see is that business owners are often afraid of sending too many emails, so will pull back and only come up with a brochure and business card.

Let me say this up front….you will get some people cranky if you step up your marketing efforts. There will be unsubscribe requests to your list, but that’s okay. Good marketing also serves to repel the folks who aren’t a good fit for you, so if you are fearful of offending people, just take some deep breaths and know that you are here to serve a particular market…and the more you contact that market, the more you can support them.

Next, you will want to come up with a plan to include both direct and indirect marketing. For example….you will want to include an online ezine, blogs, and be submitting articles to the online portals, as well as mailing post cards, print newsletters, or other advertising. Those are the indirect methods. Meaning, they can’t touch you, or experience you live. Good ideas for direct methods are where people get to see or hear you, so more trust is established. It’s just a heck of a lot easier to have people believe you when they can hear your voice or see you live.

You can do either speaking engagements, teleseminars, or use video/audio in your email or website to accomplish this. Coaching challenge: You will want to pick three or four marketing ‘channels’ which your market will respond to. (You may be able to do some research to discover which ones your market prefers!)

3. Create a marketing calendar. This way you won’t be tempted to give up. Grab your planner, Outlook, or your Post-It notes -whatever you use to organize your time. Make a day each month that you will dedicate to marketing. There is the creation of your project and the implementation as well. For example, if you are going to have a newsletter sent on the 10th of the month, you may need to get your self sitting down and creating it by the 3rd of the month! And you know what I’m going to tell you, my busy business owners……….. OUTSOURCE! Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to do it all yourself because truthfully, you can’t and you won’t! Get yourself a great assistant (either live or virtual) and have most of this stuff done for you. As Nike would say – Just Do It. You’ll thank me later.

4. Systematize or suffer. You may have heard talk about how you need to have systems in place. Well you don’t really, unless that is, you want to have insanity in its place. You get to choose! What I mean by systems is that with the newsletter example, you have a template already created, you have the format down, you have the VA or other administrative assistant primed and ready, so all you need to do is create content. No reason to reinvent the wheel. For each marketing piece you do, create a file detailing all the steps you went through. Yes, there will be more work up front, but in the end, you can hand the file off while you are sitting on a beach somewhere. That’s my hope for you!

5. Don’t guess, test! That’s the biggie in marketing. How do you know what works if you don’t test? You may need to have a “How did you find us” question, or some other way to capture that info. Test your marketing pieces on your target market, and not your husband, wife, friend or neighbor! If they aren’t your market, their opinions don’t count. There are way too many ‘dream stealers’ out there who don’t get what you do and can’t really be a good resource for your questions. Find a group of your target market and ask them if you can run by some marketing pieces with them. You can incent them with freebie stuff, but very often people LOVE to help and give their opinion. Just gotta ask.

Do research to determine what your market responds to. How do you find these???? Check out discussion boards by doing a Google search for your content ideas, or send your clients a survey. I’ll give you an example of why testing is important…One of my clients recently wanted to conduct teleseminars for her market to highlight some classes she wants to offer. She was getting advice from a speaker friend of hers in how to do this, but when we poked around a bit, we discovered that while the speakers target market would participate in teleseminars, this may be a really foreign concept to my client’s market. It would have flopped for her, so we got from her market how they best would like to receive the information.

6. Be Real or Be Broke. So many people try to ‘be professional’ that they end up being bland. It’s your quirks that make you unique! Be creative…don’t be afraid to show them who you are, and then people will know you are real and when you are real, you are approachable. Folks want real. They want to know that you have warts and wacky kids and that sometimes you may not want to get out of bed in the morning. Show them who you are and you’ll have a much better connection….and a better chance at serving them with your business.

7. Leverage the Power of Social Networking. There is a whole new game in town, and it is making your marketing much, much easier. Through the Social Media platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others, you are now able to establish yourself as an expert and reach people you would never have before. If you are not on these sites, make the commitment to do so. It’s not just the college kids who are connecting here. You can just go onto Facebook and search for your market and you’ll find thousand of entries. So the first thing you’ll want to do is to get yourself out there in the virtual world, exposing your market to your expertise.

Here’s the deal – marketing isn’t really that hard, but it takes a plan and practice to get it right. If you want to be successful, you will want to begin to think like a marketer! I’m here if you need some support.

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Generate Back Links With Article Marketing to Create an MLM Mailing List

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MLM is the rage on the internet today with millions of people all over the world making this form of enterprise their preferred choice for a monthly income. Some people enter multi level marketing as a part-time venture to subsidize their monthly income and some of these people like the system so much that they give up their day-job and take to MLM on a full time basis and achieve a lot of success through an MLM mailing list.

One way to get started with an MLM mailing list is to buy one from an online portal. However, there are dangers involved in this practice because not all the email addresses will be in use and you are bound to get bounce messages from the mails you send out. This is a potential dangerous situation.

To begin with just signing up for a single MLM program is not going to get you anywhere you will need at least half a dozen programs of the most popular category in order to get a sustained income. Then you will need to continuously add products to your list to get to people who you feel may need the products or services you sell. It is advisable to opt for physical products instead of an MLM that requires people to join up for a fee and recruit other affiliates under them.

Your MLM mailing list should be an opt-in list. This offers the people the choice of opting-out of your mailing list at any time with no questions asked. However, lets get back to the topic of creating your MLM mailing list.

To begin with article marketing should be high on your online marketing agenda. This requires you to research and find niche keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors sites. Use these keywords to create informative articles and post them to article directories every day. The resource box of the articles will direct your visitors to your site from there they are directed to your squeeze page. You get people to read your site through article marketing and you get quality back links to your sites that increases your chances of being indexed by the search engines.

Through article marketing you will then have to direct people to visit your site and from there try to convince them to fill in their email address into your opt-in MLM mailing list. This will only be possible if you offer some sort of an incentive for them to give up their contact information.

Article marketing involves researching the web for keywords and phrases that are driving hordes of traffic to your competitors sites. This is easy with the online tools the search engine s provide for free. Once you have your list of keywords you should begin writing articles of about 400 words each and post them to the various article directories. Your articles are listed by the search engines and people reading them are directed to your site through the resource box at the end of the article.

However, the best way to start your MLM program will be to buy a mailing list outright. There are many online portals that specialize in selling mailing lists to people who want them. However, it has been found that many of the email addresses in these commercial mailing lists bounce. So, the best way is the slow and steady way, the do it yourself way.

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5 Easy Steps to Reach Your Online Target Market

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No matter what you are selling online, using a focused marketing strategy will yield the highest return on your time and efforts. Using a targeted marketing approach is the art of advertising only to those groups of people who are most willing to buy your product. Your target market are the people who are actually looking for your product. They are the folks who need what you have.

Here are 5 easy steps to reaching your online target market!

Identify Your Buyers. In order to plan an effective marketing strategy, you need to know who your buyers are. Who are the people who are interested in your product? The more targeted your product creation and marketing approach is, the more effective your campaign will be. For example, if you are selling information about how to get a mortgage, your target market are many different kinds of people from all over the world. You would have to create a variety of promotional materials for all the different kinds of mortgages that exist. This would be a very hard and time consuming task. But if your product focused specifically on rehabilitation mortgages, it would be safe to assume your target market would be narrowed down to investors and people wanting to fix up their primary residences. The more targeted your efforts are, the easier it will be to reach the people who want to buy your product.
Get to work on your advertising materials. Your promotional material is the backbone of your marketing efforts. It is the ad copy that intends to speak directly to your potential buyers. You want your message to be clear and appealing. Your goal is to convince them your product was designed to make their lives easier and they absolutely cannot live with it. Focus on your product’s benefits more so than it’s features. Features are nice, but your buyers are way more interested in what your product can do for them, as opposed to what your product looks like. For example, if you sell online courses about making money from home, your buyers want to know how your course can help them achieve financial freedom (benefit). The fact that your course comes in a pretty blue binder (feature) is nice, but it’s not going to make the sale.
Build Your Website. Since this is an online business you are building, a website is essential. Your customers will be those people browsing the web to find more information about your product. Remember to create your site so it speaks directly to those browsers. Remember who your buyers are, and write your content specifically for them. Try to answer all their questions, address all their concerns, and overcome any buying objections they may have. Be sure to use the right keywords on your website so the search engines will list your site in the top results when browsers type in a relevant query. For example, if you sell red widgets, make sure the keyword phrase ‘red widgets’ is in your site’s meta tags (title, keywords, and description tags), and also make use of this keyword phrase throughout your content. You can use free tools like Google’s External Keyword Tool to find out what people are searching for the most. Just type in Google External Keyword Tool into your search engine of choice and you will find this very valuable tool!
Start a blog. All websites benefit greatly from adding a blog. People love blogs! Blogs are very popular, as they provide a way for people to connect with one another. As a business owner, having a blog will give you a significant advantage over sites that don’t have one. It will give you a way to personally connect with your potential customers and build your trust with them. There are some great free blogging tools such as WordPress and Blogger where you can open up an account and start blogging right away! Check out some business blogs to find out what other business owners are blogging about.
Implement Your Marketing Campaign. Now that you have your product created, your target market identified, your promotional material written, and your website and blog live, it is time to start actively promoting your product. Some very popular marketing strategies on the web consist of opt in email marketing, social networking campaigns, social bookmarking, article marketing and press releases, etc. The possibilities are endless. No matter which advertising road you decide to take, always keep one thing in mind…always, always, always, tailor your message so it speaks directly to your target market! Good luck to you and your online success!

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Gain Perspective From These Fitness Marketing Tips

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As a seasoned veteran of the fitness industry, I’ve tried it all when it comes to fitness marketing, and I think it’s time to share my personal fitness marketing strategies with all the new fitness professionals out there who really need some help.

Right now, it’s about 1:30 on a week day, and I just started work. Today’s workload consists of about twenty minutes of emails, which I just finished. I’ve also helped a coaching client boost the conversions on her website – before, she was getting about one percent of visitors into her program. Now, with the improvements we made, we should be looking at more like five to ten percent. That took about half an hour.

Now, I’m writing this post and I’ll load it up into my email management system. Then, I’ll write an article and make a couple of marketing videos, and go through the to-do list for this month. I need to prioritize things to focus on that critical five percent. That’s most helping my clients get the most out of their personal training businesses. I’ll work on a couple of product launches coming out in the next few months, too. I expect to be done by about 5:30!

Of course, I can work so fast because my personal assistant knows what she’s doing, and because my wife is a whiz with the administrative end of things. It’s important to remember to delegate as much as you can afford to in order to keep your business going.

I currently have about 10 streams of income and I usually don’t work more than part time. That’s what Internet marketing can offer if you do it right. But if I had to start all over from scratch, what fitness marketing strategies would I use?

1. Set specific goals, have a plan to reach them, and make a timeline.
2. Make sure you always train in a great environment.
3. Boot camps and group training are wonderful.
4. Get in the habit of reading blogs with quality information to stay posted on what’s happening in the industry.
5. Focus on helping people. Start helping a few of them for free, and have them pay with referrals.
6. Get into the right headspace by reading.
7. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Treat everyone the way the book suggests and you’ll do a lot better.
8. Take a good survey of your market and learn just what they want. Sell them that, and give them what they need, too, but sneak it in.
9. Get a huge stockpile of real before and after pictures.
10. Make sure you have a well optimized, direct response “greased slide” sales site.
11. Create a link-building plan and you absolutely MUST use your major keywords in your anchor text for the pages you want to rank high.
12. Try dominating organic Google searches with double listings for every keyword phrase. Use every reasonable location for your area.
13. Make sure you get listed at the top in Google locally. Have lots of good reviews.
14. Put up ten to twelve well-written Craigslist ads every day. Use a morning and evening rotation and good direct response writing.
15. Use Facebook ads, too. Make sure you track them carefully and tweak them for the highest profit ratio.
16. Start getting better at your local strategy for Google AdWords. Pay as little per click as you can, but don’t let targeted traffic numbers drop.
17. Set up good referral systems. 18. Have retentions systems in place.
19. Document as many aspects of your business as you can. You should definitely delegate according to that.
20. Network with the people you know you can create good relationships with.

I honestly hope those fitness marketing tips help you and provide you with a better understanding of fitness marketing. Hard work is important, but if you can learn to direct your energy in the most productive manner, then you’re better off.

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E-Mail Marketing – The Home-Based Challenge

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The need for a good alternative to direct-mail marketing is obvious, due to the cost reduction associated with the handling and postage expense associated with trying to reach a broad audience in a short period of time. Not only that but in order to effectively direct such material to the right segment of such a broad audience, there is a need to track and survey the public’s perception and reception of such material while maintaining a high ROI.

E-mail marketing clearly demonstrates how market research can be integrated with direct sales through online advertising. And cognizant of the fact such e-mail content is often regarded as ‘junk mail’ by many, the effect is still far-reaching, as there is always that small percentage of the masses who will open and view the content of what’s being presented, only for the sender to encounter the next challenge of actually getting a positive or favorable response from the recipient, provided they opt in.

In spite of some prominent disadvantages, such as meeting the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, getting past integrated spam filters on provider networks, ensuring that ‘opt-in’ and permission marketing of newsletters and related material is accepted, e-mail marketing is still the most popular and practical way for companies seeking to capture an online audience to obtain some measure of success. And measuring is a definite essential in e-mail marketing, so as not to fly blind.

Tracking ability is probably the most prominent feature of e-mail marketing. Even from a small percentage of ‘the audience’ a degree of information can be extracted to give the advertiser more of an idea of how their business is perceived. They can utilize things such as click-throughs, auto-responders and other mechanisms to help tune their marketing approach, based on response.

Even in this line of business, there is competition, believe it or not. There are at least three different companies

that are prominent enough to net real results, thus making the bottom line for any marketer more definite. GetResponse is one, VerticalResponse is another and Lyris HQ is still another, which is briefly discussed.

Lyris HQ specializes in e-mail templates for various marketing campaigns. They can expedite statistical information to and from databases to help reach a desired ROI. In addition to providing stats on PPC campaigns, keyword research is also available and they can work with just about any budget. Their website features a downloadable e-mail template and guide for application. In fact the top 10 templates are provided for free, according to their advertisements.

E-mail marketing, although not necessarily a 100% response method of marketing, is still an essential tool that yields positive results, provided the product or service is one that’s in demand. Home-based businesses do well to utilize such a tool in order to keep their efficiency and profitability high and their overhead low in conjunction with keeping a profitable bottom line. Any business, whether a franchise or a brick & mortar business can utilize this method of advertising. For example, successful internet marketers themselves utilize e-mail marketing tools to reach their target audience since it’s virtually all internet-based anyway. If it’s on the internet, it’s a numbers game. The real challenge is effectively reaching those numbers.

Damon Mills is a successful internet marketer himself who guides people to establishing steady streams of income in his line of work as e-entrepreneurs through both extensive training and committed mentorship.

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Top Five Uses of Email Marketing

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Email is consistently rates as the most used application on the Internet. According to Epsilon International via Econsultancy Blog in June 2009:

Email is used more regularly than social networking for personal communication. 79% of respondents use email as their primary mode of communication, only 10% use social networks.

Email has long been used as a form of marketing, but if you’re new to the email marketing game, you may be unsure as to how to use it and what results you can expect. So here are our top five uses of email marketing:

1. Newsletters

You can create newsletters to send to existing customers and prospects on a regular basis. Some companies opt for weekly, others monthly. If you’re really keen, you could even send them daily (as long as the content was high quality). Sending email newsletters is a very effective form of communication and helps to further enhance your brand. The more you can keep your name and logo in front of customers and prospects, the more likely you’ll be top of the list when the customer wants to make a purchase.

Newsletters can contain a variety of information – new web pages you’ve added, new articles, changes to your business, new product lines – anything goes, as long as it is of value to the person you’re sending it to.

2 Promotions

Many organisations like to use email marketing to send out coupons/codes or to promote a special offer they are holding. Offering exclusive coupons to mailing list subscribers has also shown to be an effective way of growing your email marketing list. If people are already engaged in your company, what better way to reinforce the relationship than providing them with their own special offers?

3. Event invitations

Email marketing is a fantastic way of promoting events you may be holding. Not only can you send out emails informing customers and prospects that you are holding an event, you can also use email to invite people directly. Email marketing tools are highly sophisticated and are able to be personalised which makes them great as an invitation tool. It also cuts down the cost of printing and postage of traditional invites.

4. Promote blog posts

If you create a regular blog, you can use email to promote each new blog post. Some people may prefer to get a direct email containing your blog post, rather than having to visit your site directly. Alternatively you can send a weekly or monthly email containing a summary of all your recent blog posts, and use that as a way to drive traffic to your site.

5. Business updates/press releases

If you’ve launched a new product, taken on a new member of staff, or have any other kind of newsworthy announcement, email marketing is a great way to communicate this to your mailing list. You can also use email marketing to send out press releases in bulk to your list of journalists.

The main benefits of email marketing are:

Low cost
Ability to measure results
These benefits make it a useful tool for all businesses large and small. The low cost of entry means that virtually anyone can get involved and start using it.
If you want to learn more about any of the above marketing strategies, please get in touch. At SMEketing we’re experienced in all these marketing mediums and have seen first hand the benefits when small businesses employ such tactics.

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Successful Internet Marketing – Blogging

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Blogging was originally conceived to enable readers to feedback on information on a web page. This began on the early 90s but blogging has now mushroomed into millions of users across the globe building and publishing daily blogs. It is now possible to find a blog covering just about any subject you can imagine. What was originally a single sentence response to a web page has now grown into a massive global communications medium and an impressive marketing tool for Internet Marketers.

There are many reasons why Internet Marketers should take advantage of this powerful medium however I have set out below what I believe are the key ones.

If you can get your blog site well known i.e. large volumes of visitors then you are generating traffic which is interested in you and from that what you may be selling. You can use your blogging site to then re-direct that traffic to your websites to either gain opted in traffic or new buyers.

How do you drive this traffic?

Send out e-mails to your contacts giving them your blog address so that they can visit your blog site. Once they are visiting your blog you then have a good medium to get information out to your customers. This medium overcomes the never ending problem of e-mails being stopped by spam filters. In addition, add your blog address to your signature on all of your email addresses.

Use your blog site to entice readers to opt in to your list. Offer some freebies via your blog but get the readers to fill in their e-mail details for you to get the freebies out to them and this then adds them to your opt in list.

Get feedback via blog comments from your readers. Understand what they think of your blogs, and use this feedback to amend your blogs to be more interesting to your readership and answer any questions that may have come up in the comments.

Other Attributes of Blogging

Community Blogs. By that I mean a collection of blogs that may share a common interest. They may be industry specific, sporting blogs, health and fitness blogs. Join the specific blogging community that shares your interests and will get your blog opened up to a wider audience.

RSS You may be asking what RSS is? Well RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication (I understand there are a number of other definitions!!!) and is a way for information to be fed directly to interested readers. It is used to ensure continually updated web information is streamed to readers. This is one the fastest growing technologies on the Internet. Enable RSS on your blog so that followers can get your latest blogging updates directly to their desktop. You can also use the reverse and use RSS to deliver interesting content to your blog site.

Blogging is viewed as an honest information provider. By that I mean people surfing the Internet are always cynical about the amount of advertising and the claims made by marketers on the Internet. Blogging is seen as normal people sharing their views and information for the benefit of others. It is therefore a way to build trust with your potential customers and will encourage them to become a customer.

By delivering quality information on your niche subject you can build your credibility with your readers and start to be seen as an expert in your area and a person who can help others. Again this will make your readers more inclined to become customers and to buy from you. This also gains you credibility within the blogging community and will help to drive new traffic to your blog. In addition if you deliver excellent blogs and as your readership grows you may get approached by advertisers looking to market on your blog page, another source of income for the Internet Marketer.

One of the real benefits of blogging is its ease of use. As a blogger as long as you have a PC and a link to the Internet you can write blogs and have them published. You can write very in depth blogs with detailed information for your readers or use it as a way to give general updates. It is so easy to start up a blog and as importantly it is a free medium. Sign up, write your blog, get it published and you will start to market yourself across the Internet.

In conclusion Blogging is a tool that every Internet Marketer should learn about and use as part of their portfolio to market themselves, market their products and to increase their credibility in the marketplace and unlike other advertising channels on the Internet it is free.

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Online Marketing For Accountants

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Accountants finally have a way to get new clients without spending an arm and a leg. The internet can send new clients to you every month for just a few dollars per customer. Here’s how it works, search engines like Google, Yahoo and others charge a small fee every time someone clicks on your ad. The ad is linked to a webpage call the “Landing page”.

Most online advertisers don’t use a “Landing page”. They send visitors directly to the main website. That’s a big mistake, they lose many potential clients this way. Their conversion rate is very low too. Sometimes it could be as low as 1 out of 300 clicks. One click could cost 50 cents to a dollar, so it adds up quickly.

The “Landing page is designed to convert visitors into clients. It’s easy to read, and simple to understand. It’s free from any distractions, like links. Conversion really is the name of the game. Anyone can get visitors, but only a well written “Landing page” can convert them.

“Pay per click” campaigns are very inexpensive to run, and just like direct mail, once a conversion rate starts it tends to stay the same (unless something is changed). To see if a campaign would make sense for you, look at the value of a new client.

Direct mail on the other hand is very expensive and risky. It could cost over $5,000 just to test a list.

Businesses can use “Pay per click” advertising to get new customers, without the large up front expense of direct mail. “Pay per click” click advertising works very well with the two step process I just outlined.

Basically, you are using the direct mail strategy when you use a “Landing page”. You’re just bypassing the post office.

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Starting a Successful Lawn Care Business – Effective Marketing Strategies

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Two things you need to have for effective marketing are a phone/phone number dedicated solely to your business (with a business greeting) and business cards printed for distributing to current and potential customers. Do this because having a dedicated business phone and business cards helps to identify your company as a legitimate and professional lawn care business in the minds of your clients. I recommend Vistaprint for your business cards because they have easy to use software and are very affordable.

Marketing and advertising is what separates the successes from the failures. The goal to keep in mind in all of your advertising and marketing is that projecting and maintaining a professional image is key. You can do the best work in town, but if your company doesn’t project an image that reflects that, you will continually struggle to find customers and work. There are four main outlets for advertising your lawn care business that will yield decent returns on your investment.

1) Website – There is nothing that will get you more calls than a professional looking and informative website. It is a larger cost of both time and money up front, but produces yields that outperform any other advertising method. Once done, a website will need nothing but occasional updating of pictures and copy. A great website is key in the lawn care industry for many reasons. First off, not many lawn care, pressure washing, irrigation installation, and landscape lighting companies have websites and the ones that do usually have pretty amateur or sloppy sites.

This means that there is less competition online and it is easy to position your site very high in search ratings and on Google business listings in a relatively short period of time when using proper SEO techniques. More people than ever are going online to find services because of how easy and quick it is to do and you should be taking advantage of that. As an added bonus for having a website, you will get a majority of the calls from people that own second homes in your area or that are out of town and forgot to make arrangements for their lawn care. These people are often the best customers because

1)They aren’t there to complain about ANYTHING and
2) they are usually willing to pay higher prices because of their need to get it done.

It also lets your customers contact you via email or contact form on your website so that you can begin to build an email list to send out special offers or quick communication with your clients which will save you hours of time and energy over the life of your business.

2) Word of Mouth – This may seem simple or trivial, but you would be surprised how many people do not use this method of getting their business name and reputation out there to the extent that it could be used. This method is not really effective until you have a few customers, but once you do be sure to ASK them to recommend your business to potential new customers. Be direct about this and even offer to contact anyone whose name they give you. Don’t be overly aggressive about it to the point of being annoying, but being assertive and respectful and you will find that this is a great way to get new customers. One of the best rewards of word of mouth advertising is that you will often times get multiple customers in one area. This is very beneficial because close together homes require less travel time and equate to higher earnings per hour. Best of all, this method of advertising doesn’t cost you a penny!

3) Yellowpages Ads – This is the old school way of getting your name out there, but it is still effective, especially with the older crowd who hasn’t gone online yet. Make sure you talk to a representative and ask for deals such as a two for one price where you can advertise under both landscaping and lawn care or a little freebie thrown in somewhere such as a free pressure washing ad or text ad. Most of these companies are hurting for business with the rise of the Internet so use that to your advantage. The main problem with Yellowpage ads is that every company in your area has one, so make sure that yours stands out. Fork out a little more money for a slightly larger ad with your website, phone number, services, and anything that sets you apart or stand out and it will pay big dividends. Make sure that it is informative, to the point, and that it lets people know what they are getting the moment they see it. These ads can get a bit pricey, especially if you are in a big city since pricing is based on distribution, but in most cases is worth the investment if you are looking to grow.

4) Direct Distribution – Direct distribution is very popular, but has absolutely terrible returns on your time and effort in most cases with a dismal 1-3% conversion rate. That means that only 1-3 of every 100 fliers you attach to mailboxes will get a callback. I have found that it is worth it to do this only in areas where you already have a client so that that in your copy you can say something along the lines of “(company name) is currently doing work for customers in your neighborhood and would like to offer our professional services to you as well. We offer (list services offered) and then put your phone number and website in bold at the bottom and I like to offer a “10% discount if you call before ___ date” as a call to action.” Placing anything directly into a mailbox is illegal and I strongly recommend against it. In order to get around this buy a large pack of rubber bands and a hole punch, punch holes in a corner of your flier, staple your business card to the back, and loop the rubber band around the mailbox flag.

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