Copywriting and Direct Marketing Insights: A Few Words of Wisdom Learned on the Journey.

Some people have the smell of battle on them. You just know – who has been in the trenches fighting the good fight of late. I know I am still growing my businesses plus my client’s businesses looking at what is working right now.

Here are some of the lessons learned along the way.

Lesson 1: Think Through Additional Unit Costs In Marketing.

In my business, Newsletter Marketing Systems, we send an elaborate and expensive first mailing step. We had been discussing sending it in an overnight bag. It wouldn’t fit in the standard weight bag. So we explored the additional costs of sending it in a 3kg bag. An extra $6 over the 500g bag. We knew the package converted when it was read.

So this extra 2.5kg of space meant we had the opportunity to add some grabbers. So we did. $4 worth. A drink, a chocolate bar and a bag microwave popcorn. Total costs $10 more than before. Now, based on our close rate we needed a modest 40% improvement in conversion rate to meeting make to increase profits 500% minimum.

Left to our own devices we might have dismissed it as too expensive and been poorer.

Lesson 2: Respect The Difference Between Markets.

The variation of people between different markets is amazing. You need to get out and experience all walks of life to truly appreciate how different people are. Go from the boardroom to the breakroom and you’ll see what I mean. People who work in bureaucracies are amazingly different from entrepreneurs. Conservatives from liberals. It is one amazing milieu of life out there.

When selling into a market – you need to intimately understand a person’s hopes, fears and desires. Never underestimate how important this is to your success.

Lesson 3: Don’t be afraid to be you.

Life is full of the well meaning, the ignorant, the stupid, bullies, pretenders to the throne, all trying to railroad you, steer you and otherwise make your life difficult. They should be defeated. Not necessarily by direct engagement. But defeated none the less. Be sure of your position and where you are headed. It’s harder to do than you might think. At the same time they may have a good idea, so evaluate all that is said and take what can be useful to you.

John Galt’s sense of who he was and what he believed was right, was his greatest asset in ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ Rand admitted that she wished she had Galt’s resolve and strength. If you need someone to draw inspiration from then Galt is it.

Seize the day.

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