Direct Mail And How To Pick A Good Mailing List

In the world of direct mail, your mailing list is key. With a really good mailing list, you can earn money even if the offer and sales letter isn’t up to par. And when selecting lists to mail to, you will want to make sure that you specify the details of the list so that you can further improve your chances of success. A more specific list will cost you more, but the effectiveness of the campaign will more than likely will never be in doubt.

When picking a mailing list, you have a few options at your feet. You can go with using a list broker, using the SRDS, or using some other 3rd party list source. The 3rd party list source is something that you should absolutely not use. These are independent people who only have general lists. I can’t even tell if the list is specific. These are people that you don’t want to mess with because they will sell you a shoddy list in no time at all.

The next option you have is a list broker. Now while as enhanced as they are beyond the 3rd party list source, you should be wary of these brokers also. Many of these brokers are in it for the commission that they make off of you. If I were you, I would find 1 list broker and try to work with this 1 person time after time again to generate a good mailing list from.

With a relationship with the list broker, you can semi-automatically rest because they’re trying to help you to make money. Now if you want to know where the best lists are, then you will want to look in the SRDS.

The SRDS stands for the standard rate and data service, and is something that every business owners needs to know about. You can find this at your local library. The SRDS will contain a wide variety of buyer lists that you can rent. And the more specific you get with your list, the more it will cost you – but this isn’t something that you should be particularly wary of.

Gathering a list to contact is something that a lot of marketers overlook, but is something that really needs to be done if you want to run a profitable direct mail campaign. Out of all the lists mentioned, a list from the SRDS is the best. So I would start with them first.

But there’s another kind of mailing list that you can use to ramp up your sales and profits. You probably have been sitting on a profitable list and not even know about it. The list that I’m talking about is your own customer list. This is the group of people who like you, like dealing with you, and know what to expect when it comes down to dealing with you again.

You should make it a point to contact your customer base once every month. This is how you will earn more sales for free, instead of paying like usual to get a customer.

Hopefully you will use these tips to have the kind of business success that you dream of in your business.

Good luck with making your next campaign a success.

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