Dynamics Of Direct Mail Marketing

Are you looking to make your direct mail marketing efforts profitable? A lot of times when marketers try to use direct mail to improve their sales, they end up losing money immediately and then leave convinced that direct mail doesn’t work – but this just isn’t true.

I believe that anyone can use direct mail marketing to their advantage if they have the right tools to succeed. If you’re a novice to direct mail, I think you should stick with a low number of mailings (1000 pieces) to try and test the water until you figure this “direct mail thing” out.

Now don’t get it twisted. Despite the fact that direct mail is a long time (and proven) marketing strategy, companies are still using them today to their advantage. For example, every now and again I will get letters from credit card companies wanting me to sign up to their new credit card, I get loan offers, I get offers to get an auto loan to buy a new car, and all sorts of other wild offers. With that being said, I think it’s something to learn from.

Some people when they receive mail like this above and a lot of other junk mail, they actually enjoy it. They want to open the letter and study the techniques of the sender. Me personally I just throw these letters in the trash because they have no room in my house.

So direct mail is something that you should definitely want to do if you plan on making more sales and profits in your business. It’s another form of advertising, and if you want to get results fast, then run a direct mail campaign and see how fast the orders come in. Give it a try, I urge you to do so.

One thing that you should know is that you need a good mailing list to mail to if you want your campaign to succeed. You can’t buy a list from a third party mailing list company because more than likely their list is unresponsive, and won’t help you to earn the money that you desire in your business.

Instead, stick with something called the SRDS. It stands for the “standard rate and data service”, and it contains a high volume of responsive mailing lists that you can choose from that are relevant towards what you are selling. The people on these lists have paid something to be on the list, so there’s a certain amount of quality that these mailing lists have.

You can find the SRDS down at your local library, or at your state library, or you can just go to srds.com and see what they have to offer there. In any event, you will want to use this resource to give you the best possibility of increasing your sales and profits. Direct mail still works – it’s just up to you to use these techniques to the best of your abilities and to put them into action now.

Good luck with using these direct mail tactics to boost your sales and profits.

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