Effective E-Mail Marketing

E-mail is a great tool to use in a direct marketing campaign. It can deliver your message to your prospect in a faster manner, save money on postage, and even seem less like junk mail. One of the biggest struggles in a direct mail campaign is failing to capture your prospects attention, and sometimes it is hard to get your prospects to open your letter through the mail. Many prospects will pass right over your letter, believing it’s junk mail and not worth their time. With E-mail, chances are they will at least take two seconds to click it and see what it is about. So E-mail can be an extremely successful tool in your direct marketing, but only if done right. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure your E-mail marketing is up to par.

Have an Effective Subject Line

Just like with traditional direct mail, the most important factor is making sure that you can capture your prospects attention before they read it. If you can’t interest them initially, chances are they will not open it and find out what you have to say. Also, think about E-mail subject lines that you read every day that you don’t even consider reading. “Make $2,000 a Week Working at Home”, “Great Offer- This Is Not Spam” etc. Think about it, how many people actually open e-mails like this and take them seriously? My guess is probably not very many. Keep it short and sweet, and give them a reason to open your message.

Use a Strong Introduction

OK so now you got your prospect to open your E-mail, they are bound to read the entire message right? Wrong! You need to have a strong introduction to keep their interest in your message. A good introduction will allow the customer to understand the point of your message. If they are confused after the first few sentences, they will most likely click away from the page and the prospect will be lost. They are not likely to take the time to figure out what you are trying to say in your message if they are confused. Also, you have to make sure to support your introduction with content in the rest of the e-mail. If you focus on one particular offer in your introduction, don’t go on a rant about every other offer that your company can offer.

Keep URLs Short

If you are including a URL in your e-mail to direct your customer to another page, make sure to keep them short. Long URLs don’t have the same visual appeal, and can tend to wrap around multiple lines if they are especially long. So make sure to use a URL shortener to keep the visual appeal of your E-mail intact.

Segment Your Database

Make sure you organize your database, so you are only sending certain messages to the people who would be interested in that certain message. You don’t want to blast your subscribers with tons of messages that they just simply are not interested in. For example, let’s say that you own a clothing store, and you send emails to your subscribers to make them aware of special offers. Well, the men on your list do not care to read about a sale on women’s t-shirts, just as women are not interested in reading about a sale on men’s underwear. Make sure you segment your database so that these people only receive messages that are relevant to them. If you don’t, they will tend to tune out your messages after awhile.

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