Expand Your Marketing – An MLMers Keys to Success in 2010 and Beyond!

The most eye opening fact of MLM is that most reps stop working. I know that doesn’t sound profound or insightful but when you consider the “WHY’s” behind this statement, some interesting truths begin to unfold. Taking into account that the great majority of reps fail, MISERABLY, I would feel compelled to look into the real reasons for this.



If the only marketing strategy you are encouraged to use starts with a list of friends and family, you are on your way to becoming a sad statistic. The biggest lie you’ve ever heard as an MLM rep is that the best way to build your business is via warm contacts or the “The 3 foot rule”. If there is any merit to this, it’s usually because someone sponsored a rare individual- a great sales person.. But somewhere in the organization someone knows and is putting into practice something that the average rep is not aware of. Until a short time ago, those concepts remained a secret due to cost ineffectiveness and laborious marketing techniques- not teachable to the masses. Imagine your organization is thousands deep. If all your reps, in a months time, sponsored ONE person, you have had an amazing month. Do you see why your wealthiest reps are OK with a lot of you doing a little?


The way MLMers market outside of the warm market, is always changing. A Direct Response Strategy in Network Marketing is a way of gathering leads, customers and recruits using traditional advertising methods – radio spots, newspaper ads, flyers, mailers, internet exposure, etc. Of all the traditional methods of advertising, the internet is by far the most effective. It’s economical and allows a wide range of potential clients. Most of all it is targeted. Most leverage in Network Marketing is created through a well designed Direct Response Campaign.


Stage Three happens when people are ready to join you without any convincing or extra effort from you! In other words, you become the hunted instead of the hunter! Imagine if you had 2,3,4 or 5 people call you everyday asking “How can I join your team?” There are many thousands of people from hundreds of organizations who have taken their businesses to the next level using Attraction Marketing principles. Being a relatively new concept Phase Three is creating an Important Paradigm Shift in the way people approach their MLMs. Phase 3 is where my mentors and I are focused on and it is our goal to help others do the same. If you’re a serious MLMer, Attraction Marketing should be a part of your business arsenal.


Phase four happens when YOU NEVER HAVE TO RECRUIT ANOTHER PERSON. Your business is on auto pilot with so many strong leaders that you never have to recruit a single rep again. Once again, the key to getting to phase four quickly is with a convincing internet presence via a well designed Attraction Marketing system. Your job is now about helping those who have proven themselves as leaders. At this point, you have created a true, lasting passive stream of money!

Isn’t this the dream of every Network Marketer? I believe it is. I don’t think that most of are in business to make “JOB” money. It’s the Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow. It’s about spending more time doing what YOU want. It’s about helping people you love. Success has never been more possible in Network Marketing. Seeking a Fundamentally reliable Attraction Marketing System is the Key. So, if you are a Network Marketer with big dreams I hope to see you and add value to you and you’re business on your path to success.

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