Gain Perspective From These Fitness Marketing Tips

As a seasoned veteran of the fitness industry, I’ve tried it all when it comes to fitness marketing, and I think it’s time to share my personal fitness marketing strategies with all the new fitness professionals out there who really need some help.

Right now, it’s about 1:30 on a week day, and I just started work. Today’s workload consists of about twenty minutes of emails, which I just finished. I’ve also helped a coaching client boost the conversions on her website – before, she was getting about one percent of visitors into her program. Now, with the improvements we made, we should be looking at more like five to ten percent. That took about half an hour.

Now, I’m writing this post and I’ll load it up into my email management system. Then, I’ll write an article and make a couple of marketing videos, and go through the to-do list for this month. I need to prioritize things to focus on that critical five percent. That’s most helping my clients get the most out of their personal training businesses. I’ll work on a couple of product launches coming out in the next few months, too. I expect to be done by about 5:30!

Of course, I can work so fast because my personal assistant knows what she’s doing, and because my wife is a whiz with the administrative end of things. It’s important to remember to delegate as much as you can afford to in order to keep your business going.

I currently have about 10 streams of income and I usually don’t work more than part time. That’s what Internet marketing can offer if you do it right. But if I had to start all over from scratch, what fitness marketing strategies would I use?

1. Set specific goals, have a plan to reach them, and make a timeline.
2. Make sure you always train in a great environment.
3. Boot camps and group training are wonderful.
4. Get in the habit of reading blogs with quality information to stay posted on what’s happening in the industry.
5. Focus on helping people. Start helping a few of them for free, and have them pay with referrals.
6. Get into the right headspace by reading.
7. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Treat everyone the way the book suggests and you’ll do a lot better.
8. Take a good survey of your market and learn just what they want. Sell them that, and give them what they need, too, but sneak it in.
9. Get a huge stockpile of real before and after pictures.
10. Make sure you have a well optimized, direct response “greased slide” sales site.
11. Create a link-building plan and you absolutely MUST use your major keywords in your anchor text for the pages you want to rank high.
12. Try dominating organic Google searches with double listings for every keyword phrase. Use every reasonable location for your area.
13. Make sure you get listed at the top in Google locally. Have lots of good reviews.
14. Put up ten to twelve well-written Craigslist ads every day. Use a morning and evening rotation and good direct response writing.
15. Use Facebook ads, too. Make sure you track them carefully and tweak them for the highest profit ratio.
16. Start getting better at your local strategy for Google AdWords. Pay as little per click as you can, but don’t let targeted traffic numbers drop.
17. Set up good referral systems. 18. Have retentions systems in place.
19. Document as many aspects of your business as you can. You should definitely delegate according to that.
20. Network with the people you know you can create good relationships with.

I honestly hope those fitness marketing tips help you and provide you with a better understanding of fitness marketing. Hard work is important, but if you can learn to direct your energy in the most productive manner, then you’re better off.

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