Generate Back Links With Article Marketing to Create an MLM Mailing List

MLM is the rage on the internet today with millions of people all over the world making this form of enterprise their preferred choice for a monthly income. Some people enter multi level marketing as a part-time venture to subsidize their monthly income and some of these people like the system so much that they give up their day-job and take to MLM on a full time basis and achieve a lot of success through an MLM mailing list.

One way to get started with an MLM mailing list is to buy one from an online portal. However, there are dangers involved in this practice because not all the email addresses will be in use and you are bound to get bounce messages from the mails you send out. This is a potential dangerous situation.

To begin with just signing up for a single MLM program is not going to get you anywhere you will need at least half a dozen programs of the most popular category in order to get a sustained income. Then you will need to continuously add products to your list to get to people who you feel may need the products or services you sell. It is advisable to opt for physical products instead of an MLM that requires people to join up for a fee and recruit other affiliates under them.

Your MLM mailing list should be an opt-in list. This offers the people the choice of opting-out of your mailing list at any time with no questions asked. However, lets get back to the topic of creating your MLM mailing list.

To begin with article marketing should be high on your online marketing agenda. This requires you to research and find niche keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors sites. Use these keywords to create informative articles and post them to article directories every day. The resource box of the articles will direct your visitors to your site from there they are directed to your squeeze page. You get people to read your site through article marketing and you get quality back links to your sites that increases your chances of being indexed by the search engines.

Through article marketing you will then have to direct people to visit your site and from there try to convince them to fill in their email address into your opt-in MLM mailing list. This will only be possible if you offer some sort of an incentive for them to give up their contact information.

Article marketing involves researching the web for keywords and phrases that are driving hordes of traffic to your competitors sites. This is easy with the online tools the search engine s provide for free. Once you have your list of keywords you should begin writing articles of about 400 words each and post them to the various article directories. Your articles are listed by the search engines and people reading them are directed to your site through the resource box at the end of the article.

However, the best way to start your MLM program will be to buy a mailing list outright. There are many online portals that specialize in selling mailing lists to people who want them. However, it has been found that many of the email addresses in these commercial mailing lists bounce. So, the best way is the slow and steady way, the do it yourself way.

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