Online Marketing For Accountants

Accountants finally have a way to get new clients without spending an arm and a leg. The internet can send new clients to you every month for just a few dollars per customer. Here’s how it works, search engines like Google, Yahoo and others charge a small fee every time someone clicks on your ad. The ad is linked to a webpage call the “Landing page”.

Most online advertisers don’t use a “Landing page”. They send visitors directly to the main website. That’s a big mistake, they lose many potential clients this way. Their conversion rate is very low too. Sometimes it could be as low as 1 out of 300 clicks. One click could cost 50 cents to a dollar, so it adds up quickly.

The “Landing page is designed to convert visitors into clients. It’s easy to read, and simple to understand. It’s free from any distractions, like links. Conversion really is the name of the game. Anyone can get visitors, but only a well written “Landing page” can convert them.

“Pay per click” campaigns are very inexpensive to run, and just like direct mail, once a conversion rate starts it tends to stay the same (unless something is changed). To see if a campaign would make sense for you, look at the value of a new client.

Direct mail on the other hand is very expensive and risky. It could cost over $5,000 just to test a list.

Businesses can use “Pay per click” advertising to get new customers, without the large up front expense of direct mail. “Pay per click” click advertising works very well with the two step process I just outlined.

Basically, you are using the direct mail strategy when you use a “Landing page”. You’re just bypassing the post office.

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