Successful Internet Marketing – Blogging

Blogging was originally conceived to enable readers to feedback on information on a web page. This began on the early 90s but blogging has now mushroomed into millions of users across the globe building and publishing daily blogs. It is now possible to find a blog covering just about any subject you can imagine. What was originally a single sentence response to a web page has now grown into a massive global communications medium and an impressive marketing tool for Internet Marketers.

There are many reasons why Internet Marketers should take advantage of this powerful medium however I have set out below what I believe are the key ones.

If you can get your blog site well known i.e. large volumes of visitors then you are generating traffic which is interested in you and from that what you may be selling. You can use your blogging site to then re-direct that traffic to your websites to either gain opted in traffic or new buyers.

How do you drive this traffic?

Send out e-mails to your contacts giving them your blog address so that they can visit your blog site. Once they are visiting your blog you then have a good medium to get information out to your customers. This medium overcomes the never ending problem of e-mails being stopped by spam filters. In addition, add your blog address to your signature on all of your email addresses.

Use your blog site to entice readers to opt in to your list. Offer some freebies via your blog but get the readers to fill in their e-mail details for you to get the freebies out to them and this then adds them to your opt in list.

Get feedback via blog comments from your readers. Understand what they think of your blogs, and use this feedback to amend your blogs to be more interesting to your readership and answer any questions that may have come up in the comments.

Other Attributes of Blogging

Community Blogs. By that I mean a collection of blogs that may share a common interest. They may be industry specific, sporting blogs, health and fitness blogs. Join the specific blogging community that shares your interests and will get your blog opened up to a wider audience.

RSS You may be asking what RSS is? Well RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication (I understand there are a number of other definitions!!!) and is a way for information to be fed directly to interested readers. It is used to ensure continually updated web information is streamed to readers. This is one the fastest growing technologies on the Internet. Enable RSS on your blog so that followers can get your latest blogging updates directly to their desktop. You can also use the reverse and use RSS to deliver interesting content to your blog site.

Blogging is viewed as an honest information provider. By that I mean people surfing the Internet are always cynical about the amount of advertising and the claims made by marketers on the Internet. Blogging is seen as normal people sharing their views and information for the benefit of others. It is therefore a way to build trust with your potential customers and will encourage them to become a customer.

By delivering quality information on your niche subject you can build your credibility with your readers and start to be seen as an expert in your area and a person who can help others. Again this will make your readers more inclined to become customers and to buy from you. This also gains you credibility within the blogging community and will help to drive new traffic to your blog. In addition if you deliver excellent blogs and as your readership grows you may get approached by advertisers looking to market on your blog page, another source of income for the Internet Marketer.

One of the real benefits of blogging is its ease of use. As a blogger as long as you have a PC and a link to the Internet you can write blogs and have them published. You can write very in depth blogs with detailed information for your readers or use it as a way to give general updates. It is so easy to start up a blog and as importantly it is a free medium. Sign up, write your blog, get it published and you will start to market yourself across the Internet.

In conclusion Blogging is a tool that every Internet Marketer should learn about and use as part of their portfolio to market themselves, market their products and to increase their credibility in the marketplace and unlike other advertising channels on the Internet it is free.

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