What is a Ring Saw used for?

A ring saw is a cutting tool that can cut really hard materials such as glass, marble, concrete, granite, etc. It is useful in making brick walls and has a lot of advantages. These tools are often underestimated but are versatile. Ring saws are used to cut through objects, make a vent or door frame.

The benefits of ring saws include

Better safety
Ring saws are as powerful as regular saws but are not as likely to cause severe cuts or injuries to anyone. Unlike bigger saws, the ring Saw has no teeth on the blade. This doesn’t mean an individual cannot be injured but might have less severe damage. Instead of teeth on a blade, ring saws have bumps.

It lasts longer
Ring saws are not as prone to wear and tear as other cutting tools. The working operation of a ring Saw is by spinning, not vibrating. This is why the ring Saw gives a finer and cleaner cut to delicate materials. This is the instrument of choice when you’re looking to avoid accidents, and at the same time, you want easy-to-use equipment.

It is practical and easy to carry.
Ring saws are very portable and can be handheld. It doesn’t take up so much space and is equally not heavy.

The saw is easily detachable and has a large cutting surface.

No noise
Rather than vibrating, it spins. So less noise and more serene environments.

What blade to choose for ring saws

There are various kinds of blades for ring saws. These include abrasive blades, wet cutting blades, and diamond blades.

The advantage of an abrasive blade is that it gives very precise cuts. However, it has limitations which include the blade getting super-hot and collecting dust. For longer jobs, this heat can be unbearable.

The wet cutting blades are clean, faster and make use of water for cooling the blade. These blades don’t cause dust formation, which can be harmful after inhalation. These instruments solve the problem of heat and dust as the blades cool down using water, and it doesn’t collect dust or cause any health hazard.

These kinds of blades are only used with special saws that are expensive. It is better to rent a saw or hand over the job to an expert when you have a large job to do.

Diamond blades are the absolute best. Diamonds are sharp-cutting stones that can cut hard materials easily. These kinds of blades have little diamond stones attached to the blade. The only instance where the diamond blades do not work could be due to the material being soft. Diamond blades are ideal for small jobs. It doesn’t cost so much, gives precise cuts, and is practical.


Concrete ring saw are handheld, easy to use, portable cutting tools, and can serve as an alternative to other bigger saws. The blades of a ring Saw are not toothed but abrasive, making these tools cut through hard materials more precisely. Different ring Saw blades also have different limitations.

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